How to Access Your Photos in a Zip Format

When you download the entire collection, select full sets for download, or purchase digital downloads, the images will be delivered in .ZIP format. Most computers will already come with some sort of unzip program, in which case you can just follow a couple of quick steps, and the computer will start the unzipping process automatically.

If you're using a Mac Computer

1. Locate the Downloaded .ZIP file 

2. Double-click the file - your Mac will automatically unzip the file so the images can be viewed


If you're using a PC/Windows Computer

1. Locate the Downloaded .ZIP file

2. Right-click the .ZIP file

3. Select "Extract All" or "Extract Here", and the contents of .ZIP file will be extracted as a normal folder so the images can be viewed


If the computer does not have a built-in program for compressed (zipped) folders, there are numerous free unzip software options that can be downloaded and installed.

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