The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer

With the recent explosion of the digital camera market, and even smart phones that take amazing photos, why should you go with a pro?

A smart camera does not make a smart photographer

Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative may have a high-speed, high-quality digital camera, does not mean he/she is an amazing photographer. While good “over-the-counter” equipment does help the average consumer up their photography game, a professional photographer brings an artistic vision, approach and creative eye that can’t be bought at the electronics store!

Professional equipment perks

Shooting with Canon E0S-5D Mark III Digital SLR and professional lighting equipment helps me take the best shots, even in less-than-optimal circumstances. Low light, nighttime and even high speed action shots can be tricky for the amateur shutterbug, but pros know all the tricks to capture every moment.


Ever tried to corral 50 friends and relatives--including a few wild kids--for a big group shot? Or need a little inspiration for your own special portraits? Professional photographers can help--and will know hot to get guests together quickly and easily while making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.

They’re hired guns, not guests

Just like you’ve missed something at a wedding, party or other event because you’re chit-chatting, dancing, grabbing a drink at the bar or maybe even a few minutes late, a professional photographer is there exclusively to capture your moments. By hiring a pro you’ll guarantee she won’t miss the perfect shot because she's tearing it up on the dance floor--Uncle Bob just might!

The end result

Pro photographers can also edit and retouch images and design beautiful finished products like albums, custom prints, canvases and more.

Your best moments deserve just that--the best. Go pro!