A Walk to Remember: Tyler and Clarke's Unforgettable Anthony Chapel Wedding

It was so touching to see Tyler and Clarke enter the stunning Anthony Chapel at Hot Springs National Park and walk down the aisle together, surrounded by the chapel's floor-to-ceiling glass walls that showcased the serene beauty of the woodlands. This remarkable venue, known for its elegant simplicity and breathtaking architecture, became the perfect backdrop for their vows.

The bride’s words, “We see walking the aisle and the vows as entering a covenant with God and we feel that we should approach that together. I really want Clarke to have a moment where he feels gorgeous like I get to!”

How precious is that?!

It was such a special and heartfelt moment that they chose to experience together; a unique sentimental connection that they truly valued, especially since her father could not be there. You could feel the radiance between them in that moment and throughout the ceremony. 

I truly admired the unconventional way that Tyler and Clarke so confidently approached several different parts of their wedding day, embracing their own unique vision and individuality; from the way they chose to do their first look, to walking down the aisle together, to the reception events that took place, to cutting fried pie instead of cake (It was so yummy)!

Brides and grooms to be, remember that your wedding day is YOUR day! Plan it in a way that feels true to you, represents your individuality, your relationship, your personalities, and incorporates what’s most important to the two of you.  

There will always be people that choose to voice their own opinions as far as how they believe your wedding day should go. This can often make you feel pressured into making decisions you might later regret due to feeling the need to people please, opposed to honoring your own desires, mentality, and the true representation of the relationship you have with your fiancé.  

Planning your wedding is such an exciting time, yet it can also be overwhelming. The natural pressures that typically come with planning a wedding, including the influence of others, can often be wearing, leading you to settle on significant decisions and letting go of your meaningful wedding daydreams. 

Tyler and Clarke were blessed to have the support of so many loved ones, during the planning process and the day of. Their wishes were respected, their wedding coordinator was awesome and did a phenomenal job of keeping things on track, and their beautiful wedding day played out just the way they wished. 

However, sadly, I can’t tell you how many times brides have reached out to me after their wedding day has passed, wishing they had remained firm with what they wanted and had not given in to the pressures of people pleasing and thus altering their plans. Often these people do mean well, they just do not understand the value of what you want. Then of course there are some people that just believe that things should be done a certain way, and they don’t back down. Will their opinion really matter years down the road when you’re reminiscing about your wedding day?

It’s so important to me to gain a deep understanding of the vision my couples have for their wedding day and respecting it. My role goes beyond just capturing beautiful photos; it's about telling your unique love story. Even more so, I focus on capturing their authentic story, the unique parts, the raw emotional moments, and preserving the moments that show their true personalities and connection to each other. My ultimate goal is to capture their day just the way it happened, the way they want to remember it.

Intimate moment with laughing couple at Anthony Chapel, by Michele McCoy Photography
Emotional wedding guests embracing, captured by Michele McCoy Photography
Bride laughing in a candid moment at Anthony Chapel, photo by Michele McCoy Photography

During our initial consultation, I always ask, “How do you want to feel during your wedding day? What do you value the most and how do you want to remember your priceless wedding day?” I’m not only a photographer, but I’m also a storyteller, and I thrive to tell your authentic story through your photos. And I want you to have meaningful photos that represent the perfect day you envisioned. 

Keep your answers to these questions at heart as you are planning your special day and surround yourself with people who will support you and help you bring your dream wedding to life. Hire a wedding coordinator that can keep your wedding day running smoothly with all your shared wishes included. Hire a photographer that respects how you want to spend your time, knows what they’re doing and can plan according to your desires, stays in tune with you both and can go with the flow if something doesn’t go as planned.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it only happens once. In the end it all comes down to what the two of you want and the value of that. Your day should be a perfect representation of your unique relationship, free of regrets, and full of cherished memories, that will then be beautifully captured and treasured to look back on through the years.

Share your visions and details with your photographer, wedding coordinator, and supportive loved ones who will prioritize your wishes and bring your dream wedding to life. And stick to your guns!

Loved Tyler and Clarke’s story and looking for a wedding photographer to capture your unique love story? Take a look at my wedding photography page to learn more about how I can help you capture all the special and heartfelt moments of your wedding day.

Close-up of a bride getting ready, a tender touch by Michele McCoy Photography
Bride putting on her elegant shoes, a delicate detail captured by Michele McCoy Photography
Bride and groom's first look on a forest path at Anthony Chapel, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Groom in a thoughtful pose leaning against a tree, surrounded by the autumnal forest, captured by Michele McCoy.
Joyful bride standing in her wedding dress at Anthony Chapel during autumn, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Joyful vows exchange at Anthony Chapel wedding, captured by Michele McCoy.
Bride and groom joyfully exiting Anthony Chapel in Garvan Woodland Gardens, captured by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride and groom sharing a tender moment in the luminous setting of Anthony Chapel, captured by Michele McCoy Photography
Couple embracing within the stunning architecture of Anthony Chapel, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Joyful bride and thoughtful groom with a reflective backdrop at Anthony Chapel, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride in ethereal light at Anthony Chapel, a serene moment captured by Michele McCoy Photography
Couple in a loving embrace with an autumnal backdrop at Anthony Chapel, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Couple seated together in quiet woodland retreat near Anthony Chapel, lovingly captured by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride and groom enjoying a quiet walk through the forest at Anthony Chapel in autumn, by Michele McCoy Photography.