The Unseen Beauty of Getting Ready Photos

Weddings are busy and filled with joy, laughter, and sometimes a dash of chaos. But before all the rush, there's a quiet time that often goes unnoticed. It's the 'getting ready' phase, a calm start to the excitement of the vows. As a wedding photographer, I’ve come to value this time, as it holds the beginning of the day's story. The experience with one bride, Jessica, perfectly shows why I always stress not skipping the ‘getting ready’ photos.

A wedding story starts way before the exchange of vows; it starts with the gentle touch of the makeup brush, the careful lacing of the bridal gown, and the soft whispers among loved ones. The ‘getting ready’ photos are the opening chapter to your wedding story, a lead-in to the love, promises, and joy that the day holds.

Jessica's day began in a peaceful mood, filled with laughter, nervous excitement, and overwhelming joy in Highlandville, Missouri, just a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Springfield. This delightful setting reminded me of why I adore capturing weddings not just in my hometown of Mountain Home, Arkansas, but also across the picturesque landscapes of Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.

Bride in Highlandville MO getting ready with joy, reflective makeup session before wedding, by Michele McCoy Photography
Bridesmaid with morning drink in Southwest MO, captured by Michele McCoy Photography.

Jessica's getting ready photos wasn’t just about photographing her beautiful dress, her styled hair, or her makeup. It was about capturing the heart of the relationships around her, the real moments of love, support, and excitement shared among her and her closest friends and family.

As a wedding photographer, these moments let me step into the world of the bride and groom, to capture the raw and beautiful feelings that come from them and their loved ones. The relaxed and slow nature of this time also lets the couple get to know me, creating a comfort zone that helps ease the nerves of being photographed.

When I took photos of Jessica, after her makeup was done, her reaction to the pictures was priceless. Her face lit up with joy as I showed her the shots on my camera. As she put on her wedding dress with her loved ones around, the room filled with a mix of happiness and love. Despite being short on time, we managed to sneak in some moments for a quick bridal shoot before heading to the venue. The connection built during the ‘getting ready’ phase helped Jessica to be at ease, shine in her natural glow, and really enjoy the session. The comfort she felt around me let her open up, be herself, and enjoy her day to the fullest.

Jessica’s words still touch me, “You’re the only photographer that’s ever made me feel beautiful.” The emotional bond formed during the early hours made the rest of the day’s photos not just easier, but more real and enjoyable.

Contemplative bride in soft light, Southwest MO wedding, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride's reflective moment in natural light, Missouri wedding, by Michele McCoy Photography.

The 'getting ready' photos are not just about the looks, but they capture the quiet before all the action, the love, the excitement, and the real feelings that set the tone for the day ahead. I believe every couple deserves to have their entire wedding story captured from start to finish, starting with these quiet, special hours. So, when you’re planning your wedding, remember not to miss the deep value of ‘getting ready’ photos. They are truly worth it, and they make your wedding album warm and genuine.

As you navigate the exciting plans for your big day, consider the enduring impact of beautifully captured photographs. Whether your wedding is in the peaceful surrounds of Mountain Home, the breathtaking landscapes of Northwest Arkansas, or the vibrant settings of Southwest Missouri, I'm eager to help capture the essence of your celebration. Imagine reliving the emotions and joy of your wedding day through each photo, from the early moments of preparation to the joyful last dance.

I'm here for a relaxed chat about your wedding photography needs. It’s a chance for us to discuss how we can capture the true spirit of your day, from those first tender moments to the final cheers of celebration. Reach out for a complimentary consultation where we can talk about creating a photography experience that reflects your unique story. Let's collaborate to ensure your wedding album is a beautiful narrative of your day, filled with moments that you'll look back on with joy. Drop me a message, and let's start weaving the visual story of your wedding day.

Joyful bride with hair in rollers, getting ready in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride's updo hairstyle with 'Bride' robe, wedding day elegance in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Black and white photo of a pensive flower girl with elegant curls in Missouri by Michele McCoy Photography.
Smiling flower girl in black and white, hair styling in progress in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride applying makeup in mirror with joyful expression in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Custom 'Bridesmaid' gift bags at a Missouri wedding, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride and bridesmaids in matching robes, celebrating with 'Bride' balloons in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bridal party with pink striped socks in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Happy bridesmaid opening gift, black and white candid photo in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Contemplative bridesmaid in plaid shirt, serene moment before wedding in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Bride adjusting hair through floral framing, black and white portrait in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Flower girl admiring wedding decor in Missouri, intricate hairstyle captured by Michele McCoy Photography
Radiant flower girl with a beaming smile in Missouri, wedding joy captured by Michele McCoy Photography.
Mother lovingly adjusting bride's dress, wedding day in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.
Mother fastening bride's gown, heartfelt preparation in Missouri, by Michele McCoy Photography.